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Abeno Harukas and More: Stay in Tennoji, Osaka on your next Japan Trip

Tennoji, Osaka: Abeno Harukas and More

Osaka’s Tennoji ward has mostly been known for its ancient, historical charms. But modern developments like the JR Tennoji Train Station and the Abeno Harukas Building have breathed a new life into the small, quaint ward. Now, travellers headed to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, or explore Kyoto’s temples and shrines enjoy staying in Tennoji

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El Nido, Palawan: Your Ultimate Guide

El Nido, Palawan: Big Lagoon

The Palawan island cluster is slowly gaining popularity as a must-see island paradise. ‘Palawan’ loosely translates to ‘Land of beautiful and Safe Harbor,’ a historical reference to old trading ships. But the name has taken on a new meaning over the years.  Palawan enjoys a unique natural environment of lush jungles, powdery sand bars, and

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6 Thrilling Activities To Do In Thailand For The Adrenaline Junkies

Ahhh, Bangkok, the Land of Smiles, where foodies cheer and shoppers frolic. With a plethora of activities and experiences to offer, Bangkok is a city of endless entertainment to explore. If you’re looking to deviate from the typical shopping itinerary in Bangkok, KKday has got your back. From shark diving to rifle shooting, valiant travellers

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