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Travel to Korea with the Family: 5-Day Train Itinerary

Seoul 63 Aquarium

Nothing brings family together quite like a good vacation. But planning a trip abroad can be tricky: timing vacation leaves with school breaks, budgeting for multiple heads, arranging transportation…the list goes on! Not every place is family-friendly, but South Korea is definitely worth visiting. The country is full of stunning natural attractions, fun and zany

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4 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand: KKday Travel Itineraries

Karen Village Elephant Sanctuary: Chiang Mai, Thailand

From the bustle of Bangkok to the holiday fever of Pattaya, every city in Thailand is bursting with personality. But for the ancient city of Chiang Mai, the charm lies in its laid-back atmosphere. This growing backpacker destination is scenic and peaceful, without ever being boring. Day 1: Play with the Elephants Visit the Karen Village

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Avoid Travel Nightmares with These 8 Handy Essentials

Ever left your wallet at home during a day trip? Or your toothbrush by the sink after heading out for a week-long camping trip? Anyone who’s ever experienced little mishaps like these knows all too well that even the small things can lead to big misfortunes, especially when it comes to travel. As hectic as

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Check out these 10 Tokyo Shopping Spots

From high-end to thrift, high-fashion to otaku culture, Tokyo has it all. But the large city can get overwhelming to explore. Whether you’re hunting for something as specific as an authentic samurai sword, or you just want to casually browse the standard department stores, you’ll find it in Tokyo. Ginza Photo credit: Danny Choo via Visualhunt /

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5 Stationery Stores in Tokyo to Relive Your Back-to-School Days

Japanese Stationery

Are you a hoarder of washi tape, notepads, and colourful pens from Muji? Part of the charm of these Japan-made stationaries are not just the minimalist designs that range from elegant to wacky, but also the premium quality of the materials. Here we’ve rounded up 5 stationery stores that will make you wish you could be

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