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Japan Trip this Autumn?A Guide to Seeing the Best of Japan’s Fall Foliage

Mt. Fuji in Falll

  When’s the best time to visit Japan? It’s beautiful all year-round. But once the calendar flips to September, a wave of rustling koyo (‘colorful leaves’) starts to sweep the country. This ‘koyo front’—Japan’s autumn equivalent to the cherry blossom season—starts up north in Hokkaido, before moving southward to the Kansai region. Experience the best

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Check Out these 10 Great Places in Busan, Korea

Busan, Korea’s second-largest city, is a welcome change of scene from the bustling urban maze of Seoul. This scenic coastal town if full of incredible beaches, scenic mountains, and cultural villages. Get to know this beautiful port city and all the great things you can do here. Haeundae Beach Every summer, Koreans flock to Haeundae

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