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Travel to Korea with the Family: 5-Day Train Itinerary

Seoul 63 Aquarium

Nothing brings family together quite like a good vacation. But planning a trip abroad can be tricky: timing vacation leaves with school breaks, budgeting for multiple heads, arranging transportation…the list goes on! Not every place is family-friendly, but South Korea is definitely worth visiting. The country is full of stunning natural attractions, fun and zany

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10 Restaurants You Must Try During Your Trip to Japan

“Itadakimasu” is one of the first phrases you’ll encounter on your trip to Japan. The phrase loosely translates to “I humbly receive.” You’ll most likely hear it right before a meal where the meaning becomes, “Let’s eat!” While Japan is brimming with incredible budget options, street eats, and novelty restaurants and cafes, take the opportunity to try out some

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Guide to Classic Hong Kong Style Dessert

Mango Tofu Pudding at Honeymoon Dessert (Flickr/ Karendotcom127) We all know Hong Kong is a food paradise, but did you know that it’s a dessert heaven too? KKday shows you the different desserts Hong Kong has to offer from the traditional to the hot and cold ones. Mango Pomelo Dessert (Flickr/ liminchiu) 1. Every bowl

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4 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand: KKday Travel Itineraries

Karen Village Elephant Sanctuary: Chiang Mai, Thailand

From the bustle of Bangkok to the holiday fever of Pattaya, every city in Thailand is bursting with personality. But for the ancient city of Chiang Mai, the charm lies in its laid-back atmosphere. This growing backpacker destination is scenic and peaceful, without ever being boring. Day 1: Play with the Elephants Visit the Karen Village

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