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Asia’s Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels Never To Make Knock Knock Jokes At

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale of knocking on your hotel room door just before entering as a display of respect – you wouldn’t want to barge in on any ghostly business. Even so, there are just some hotels in this world (and the after) where manners aren’t as effective as Bibles or talismans in subduing spiritual grudges. Sit tight

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4 Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand: KKday Travel Itineraries

Karen Village Elephant Sanctuary: Chiang Mai, Thailand

From the bustle of Bangkok to the holiday fever of Pattaya, every city in Thailand is bursting with personality. But for the ancient city of Chiang Mai, the charm lies in its laid-back atmosphere. This growing backpacker destination is scenic and peaceful, without ever being boring. Day 1: Play with the Elephants Visit the Karen Village

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6 Thrilling Activities To Do In Thailand For The Adrenaline Junkies

Ahhh, Bangkok, the Land of Smiles, where foodies cheer and shoppers frolic. With a plethora of activities and experiences to offer, Bangkok is a city of endless entertainment to explore. If you’re looking to deviate from the typical shopping itinerary in Bangkok, KKday has got your back. From shark diving to rifle shooting, valiant travellers

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