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Asia’s Top 5 Most Haunted Hotels Never To Make Knock Knock Jokes At

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale of knocking on your hotel room door just before entering as a display of respect – you wouldn’t want to barge in on any ghostly business. Even so, there are just some hotels in this world (and the after) where manners aren’t as effective as Bibles or talismans in subduing spiritual grudges. Sit tight

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5 Adventures Suitable For Single Ladies

Photo credit: Flickr/ Chris Ford Travelling solo as a woman is not something frowned upon anymore. In fact, it’s becoming quite the norm with everyone doing it nowadays! Going on solo trips doesn’t necessary mean you’re all alone in a foreign land – you can easily meet other similar travellers and locals. The adventures you have

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A Guide to Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Teng

Scrambled Eggs on Toast and Ham Macaroni (Flickr/ ahirut) Due to its proximity to the Philippines and constant flight promotions from various airlines, Hong Kong is naturally one of the most popular destinations for Filipinos. However, there’s one problem – most of the menus in Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Teng are written in traditional Chinese, causing confusion for even Filipino Chinese who are, at

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