Winter Season: Tambara Ski Park, Japan

This Winter Season, Go Skiing at Some of Asia’s Best Slopes

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Here in the Philippines, the climate is hot and humid year-round. Snow is usually nothing more than just fantasy, which is why it’s definitely something worth experiencing when abroad. This winter season is best spent outdoors, and KKday is here to show you some of the best ski slopes in Asia! Here are our top 4 picks for the snow season.

Seoul, Korea: Ski Lessons at Vivaldi Park

Winter Season: Vivaldi Ski Park, Korea
Winter Season: Vivaldi Ski Park, Korea

If you’ve only lived in tropical climates and humid weather, winter sports can be both exciting and terrifying. But fear shouldn’t stop you from the thrill of the mountain slopes. At Daemyung Resort Vivaldi Park, there are classes for beginners of all ages eager to go skiing or snowboarding on Mt. Daemyung. Guests can conveniently rent all the equipment they need and spend as much time as they’d like conquering the slopes.

Hokkaido, Japan: The Asahidake Ropeway 

Hokkaido is known to feel the first brush of winter in Japan and becomes a scenic winter wonderland once the season kicks in. For the skilled and the serious skiers, head to the Asahidake Ropeway, which has some of the lightest and driest snowfall in the country–perfect for the seasonal athletes who like a challenge.

Winter Season: Asahidake Ropeway, Japan
Winter Season: Asahidake Ropeway, Japan

To get to the ski area, you have to take a single gondola lift—the Asahidake Ropeway—where skiers can jump from more than 400 meters. The resort has an expansive terrain that goes deep and steep; it’s advisable to ski with a guide because the terrain can get very dangerous on low visibility days. And while the Asahidake Ropeway isn’t the ideal family activity (especially if you’re traveling with small children or elderly), it’s located in the Daisetsuzan National Park, which is full of other scenic sights worth exploring.

Gangwon, Korea: Sledding at Nami Island

Nami Island is one of Korea’s year-round, natural attractions and is an easy getaway from Seoul City. At this half-moon-shaped island, tourists can try their hand at ice fishing over the solidly frozen river.

Winter Season: Sledding at Nami Island, Korea
Winter Season: Nami Island, Korea

Set out for the half-moon-shaped Nami Island, only an hour away from Seoul. Warm up over a classic Korean BBQ before hitting the slopes. Race down the snow topped hills on a fun sledding experience. In the afternoon, you can try your hand at ice fishing. Stand over a solid frozen river and place bait in one of the many man-made holes. Cast a line and try to catch as many mountain trout as you can! After a successful haul, you can either release your fish or grill and eat them on the spot for an additional fee.

Numata City, Japan: Skiing, Strawberry Picking, and More

If winter means playing in the snow, head to the Tambara Ski Park. Just two hours away from Tokyo, this family-friendly ski park is full of great outdoor activities. You can take ski and snowboard lessons and trail the beginner-friendly slopes, while the kids (or you) can head over to the Tambara Snow Land’s moving snow escalator.

Winter Season: Tambara Ski Park, Japan
Winter Season: Tambara Ski Park, Japan

Afterwards, warm up over an all-you-can-eat snow crab and deep-water shrimp buffet. And for dessert? Pick it out yourself at the Harada Farmlang where you can enjoy fresh, succulent strawberries with sweet condensed milk!




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